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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, is an all natural anti-aging procedure which uses your body’s own innate healing process to repair, restore and rejuvenate. Made famous by celebrities such as Kim KardashianJennifer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie, the PRP facial (aka the “Vampire Facial”) is a non-invasive technique that stimulates collagen and elastin to promote tissue repair using growth factors derived from your own blood.

Aging of the skin leads to deterioration and damage, characterized by sagging, thinning of the skin, puffiness, age spots, and wrinkling of the forehead, cheeks, and neck. This revolutionary therapy is combined with Collagen Induction Therapy (microneedling) to achieve the most effective treatment with little to no downtime for skin conditions such as scarring, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, wrinkles, sun damage, fine lines & loose sagging skin.


Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin-rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles. The needles are used to gently puncture the skin, creating channels that trigger the body to fill the microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin fibers.

At San Juan Natural Medicine, we use the patented Aquagold Fine Touch®, a revolutionary delivery device with an array of 24-Carat gold plated microneedles. Aquagold Fine Touch® is a sterile, single-use surgical grade microneedling device that ensures uniform delivery of PRP into all areas of the face, neck, chest, etc. while maintaining the highest level of safety and sterility.


A topical anesthetic cream is first applied to the skin to ensure a comfortable experience. We then collect blood from the patient and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the blood. This “platelet rich plasma”, is then drawn out and is used via injection or microneedling back into the patient. Because the PRP is autologous (cells or tissue are obtained from the same individual), there is no risk of disease transmission, and allergic reactions are very unlikely.

The platelet rich plasma is full of proteins and growth factors that stimulate collagen production and thereby promote skin regeneration and rejuvenation.


The treatment is typically 60-90 minutes and the inflammatory reaction of the skin is extremely short. The skin will often have the appearance of a mild sunburn (a light pinkish appearance with mild irritation and/or itching). You may also experience mild sun sensitivity following treatment, therefore it is recommended that you avoid direct sun light for 2-3 days post treatment.

For best results schedule your treatment on a day when you do not have to apply make up afterwards. Hyaluronic Acid will be applied at the end of your treatment to further stimulate collagen production.

Patients may start to see results after just one treatment, however for optimal results, 3-4 treatments in 4-8 week intervals are generally recommended.

*Number and frequency of treatments will vary depending on the condition*

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